December 31, 2013

On the back of the sun

In July this year, than in the past to be late. However, such as the hot sun is baking the earth. Even that piece of dry land, the rest can not hold the last drop of tear Men clothing brands.

My father is a primary school language and math teacher, in fact, in his own words, more suitable for that land farmers. Dark skin, but not careful your reflection, in the sun flickering, like the night sky of stars blinked tired eyes. In the eyes of other people, he is very strong, in fact, no wonder, because he's a bit strong, even if their tired the waist bar not up, also want to pretend to be relaxed. How to say, he rolled over half a century in the ground, so it is smoked shares the earth the soles of his feet, even the tree Piban hand, also filled gully gully gully sediment. He didn't go to wash, otherwise the ditch village, sure to reduce the proportion of the the Yellow River.

In fact, he is in a bad temper, easy like summer in the south. Acute child does not say, just as my mother said he that does not do well, he will give you the rain of be in smooth water, then the crackling complain. As I said the south in the summer, rain is not a song time. Will soon become clear, this is lets a person can take place. My mother can be in a calm mood to watch a scene, the way to be poured more rich rice quietly plug.

Every day in the morning. Not the rooster woke at dawn, the car but the father woke up the sleeping sun. He is carrying a hoe farmers in the pre dawn, dawn is with the chalk rod. His world is to live in such a hasty figure changes. Forehead wrinkles in the young as a clump of grass covering deep in the ground, pick the most busy season growth in four seasons. Then, a year older than his mother was not willing to marry him, said he was too old. Strange to say, twenty years later, the mother said to my father or just know that, haven't changed a bit. It is their own, before is a piece of green leaf, bright yellow a lot today. When saying this word, mother bow slightly smile, can actually know, is a quiet and beautiful girl when she was young.

The father's habit is very simple, it is tired like to drink some wine, and then more smoke to be preoccupied by some troubles when. Every time I heard the old friend said, you really have the ability, for your children are all going to university, also built such a beautiful house! He always put the eyebrows raised high, the mouth spit out smoke than to be concentrated on several times. This expression, I read for more than twenty years, he still can not distinguish the mood at the moment is what color, will suddenly feel the pressure in the back of the burden is too heavy! All I know, he will jump up from the chair and then, quickly into the hut squeeze past, her hoe to shoulder a cross, step to go, in his habits behind is a flow direction, the road sunshine.

My grandma said. Since your father is such, like a gust of wind, and then like a cloud. In fact, I have no reason to say he is used to the smell of earth, because when he was at his mother's muddy hands, the pair of deep eyes, revealing a trace of pity. Maybe it penetrates a bit helpless Managed Network, however, if you with his heart, will be moved by his perseverance.

Father stepped on the muddy road a little pain, pouring sweat a bit bitter cress. Sometimes the face come unexpectedly strong wind and heavy rain, looking at that piece of paddy is one inch one swallow, like a knife in the heart of a piece of meat a piece of meat cut. However, at this time his face with the wind laugh, suddenly feel, he is old many many......

Those on the record years leaves, gradually withered. Once the birds to find a worm's story has been going to exist. But, my father, but now the Chaoyang Tuo leaned on the back, legs close to dry land, two hands are directed to the horizon as if thinking of sth Chinese business culture.!

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