December 31, 2012

Too old and too young

There are not found, you are too old to make some mistakes, but too young to get some benefits.

You want to retire, be leisurely and carefree, but you are too young, haven't got the money.

You want to have a lot of money Art Culture, but your debut ten years later than the others, the situation is different, you are doing this line to make money easily, than in the past, all blame you too young.

You want to be happy, what can also laugh out of court, but you are too young. Open-minded, after all, it takes some time.

You want to be respected, a bit position, sorry, you are too young, you old point again.

You think that their young, but are too old to make mistakes.

You won't be like seventeen years old, fling caution to the winds to love a person. Twenty-seven years old you, not a bit old, but know fling caution to the winds wine education, and no one will help you clean up the mess.

You are too old to run away and love others, although you were just twenty-eight years old.

You are too old to as long as love, not bread, even though you only twenty-nine years old.

You are too old to with a will not get married with you people fall in love, though you are only thirty years old.

You are too old to hurt the people around you. Because of you spa hong kong, the past experience to make you understand, if you love her, it is very irresponsible.

You are too old to be cheated.

You are too old to say self-willed.

You are too old to do third.

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